About Annmarie Gianni Skin Care Products

Natural Organic Skin Care

For thousands of years, cultures around the globe have been using the teachings of nature to learn how to look and feel younger.

These secrets have been passed on by herbalists, shamans and medicine makers, and now, we are benefiting from their wisdom and using what the earth provides to us…

While science has created synthetics and chemicals in an attempt to mirror what the earth already creates, I have tapped into the wisdom of Mother Nature and created Annmarie Skin Care. This line brings the ancient healing energies and awareness directly to you so that you may radiate your own natural beauty.

When creating these products for you, I combined not only some of the best natural practices and methodology in skin care, I also included the secrets of aromatherapy. Using this line soothes your physical body and helps shape your inner beauty by invigorating your soul.

These products are earth, mind and body conscious and are chemical-free.

Once you start using my proprietary, hand-blended line of natural skin oils, scrubs and serums, you will find people start turning their heads, wondering what your secret is to beautiful, healthy and fresh looking skin. Your friends may even ask you what you’ve done to look so good and why you look younger and brighter (they’ll probably wonder if you’ve been on a vacation filled with days of restful relaxation).

Please enjoy these products and all that they bring to you. Please tell your friends about them, and most importantly, be open to the wonderful lessons nature will provide once you unlock your radiant and natural glow.

Much love,

Our Mission

I care deeply about you and the products you put in your body and on your skin. Annmarie Organic Skin Care products are chemical-free. In fact, when we were formulating these products, it was suggested that small amounts of alcohol or chemicals be used to maintain their freshness. We didn’t accept this approach, and instead carefully researched alternatives. We discovered that certain blends of natural oils and extracts can preserve these products just as effectively as their chemical counterparts.

So, Annmarie Skin Care products are totally chemical-free. Everything in the product is on the label. I wear my heart on my sleeve and my products do the same.

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