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Q: Which products should I use for my skin type?

For Normal Skin: I would suggest my Aloe Herb Cleanser two times a day in the morning and evening, the Ayurvedic Scrub two-three times a week, and Neroli Toning Mist all throughout the day. As a moisturizer, use my Normal and Combination Skin Herbal Oil after you cleanse and tone. If you want to get the most out of your toner, mix a little with the oil, since the oil will help drive the nutrient rich hydrosol into your skin. It’s also best to exfoliate in the morning, so this is the best time to use my scrub.

The cleanser is gentle and pH balanced to keep your skin’s natural oils intact and the Ayurvedic Scrub is perfect for those who have well balanced skin. The scrub is gentle, yet abrasive enough to clear your pores. The toning mist is great to keep your pores and face hydrated and the herbal oil is formulated specifically to deliver nutrients and antioxidants into your skin.

For Dry Skin: Use the Aloe Herb Cleanser two times a day and the Ayurvedic Scrub one time a week. Use my Anti-Aging Serum and Anti-Aging Oil each time you cleanse. Put on the serum first and then the oil after, or you can mix the two in your hand. Use my Neroli Toning Mist to mix with your oil and serum to help drive nutrients into the skin. You can also use the toner throughout the day. Again, it’s best to exfoliate in the morning, so use my scrub then.

The Anti-Aging Serum and Oil are very effective, nutrient dense products and you’ll find very quickly that they can even out skin tone, restore your natural glow and hydrate your skin in just a few short weeks.

The Anti-Aging oil is very rich, so if you find that it’s too much for your skin, try the Normal Skin Herbal Oil.

For Oily Acne Prone Skin: Use my Citrus Mint Cleanser two times a day, my Dead Sea Scrub two or three times a week, and the Rosemary Toning Mist all throughout the day. Use my Oily Skin Herbal Oil every time you cleanse. You can add the toner to the Oily Skin Herbal Oil, to drive the nutrients from the rosemary into your skin. It’s best to exfoliate in the morning, so use my scrub then.

The Citrus Mint Cleanser and the Oily Skin Herbal Oil are both formulated to be slightly more astringent than our other cleansers and moisturizers and are perfect for those with oily skin. You’ll find that these products don’t feel oily and will start to balance your facial oil production for smoother and clearer skin. The Dead Sea scrub is more abrasive than the Ayurvedic scrub and can help clear clogged pores.

For Combination Skin: If your skin is dry in some places and oily in others — particularly in your T-Zone (your forehead, nose and chin) — feel free to combine both the dry and the oily skin protocols where they’re needed. To do this, you would use the dry skin products on your dry spots and the oily products where you produce too much oil.

For Mature Skin: Use the same regime as dry skin, except use my Dead Sea Scrub instead of the Ayurvedic Scrub. This is because mature skin generally needs more exfoliating than younger skin — you’ll definitely notice the difference right away.

I hope this helps you use these products more effectively. We’re so proud that we’ve been able to create such effective, spa-quality skin care without having to compromise our ideals.

When you use one (or all) of our products, you can be assured that the ingredients come from the best possible sources. No corners are cut and everything must meet certain standards of purity that is generally unheard of in the industry.

If you’re not familiar with them already, you can read about our mission and standards by clicking here.

How To Determine Your Skin Type

Wednesday, August 3rd, 2011


The first step on your way to beautiful, radiant skin is determine your skin type. Knowing what your skin is sensitive to allows you to tailor your skincare routine and pick the products that will be most beneficial to you. After all, how can you fix a problem if you don’t know what it is?


The simplest way to figure out which kind of skin you have is to do an easy test:


1. Tonight before you go to bed, skip your normal skincare routine. Instead, wash your face with a gentle cleanser that doesn’t strip your face of natural oils, such as my Aloe Herb Cleanser.

Quick Tip: An easy way to know if your cleanser is gentle or not is whether it is non-foaming. Soaps that lather easily tend to be harsher in stripping your skin of oils, whereas those that don’t lather wash away dirt and toxins but leave behind good oils.


2. Pat your face dry and do not apply anything else


3. When you wake up in the morning, evaluate how your skin feels. Does it feel tight and dry? Does it feel oily?


If you need extra help evaluating your skin, do the Tissue Test: Take tissue paper (or a tissue that has no added lotion) and, with clean, dry hands, lay the tissue flat on your face and pat it gently against your skin.

If the tissue has no oily spots, you likely have dry skin.

This means that you would most benefit from products that have extra moisturizing properties.

If the tissue is oily everywhere, then you have oily skin.

The best solution for you is products created to nourish your skin naturally without making you produce extra sebum.

If the tissue has oily spots in your t-zone (your nose, forehead, and chin) then you have combination skin.

You would most benefit from using products that are formulated to fight oil on the oily regions of your face and also to moisturize the dry areas of your face.

If there is an extreme difference from the t-zone to the other areas of your face, you may even benefit from using two different products, each on the proper region of your face.

For example, using a product formulated for oily skin on your t-zone and products for normal or dry skin on the rest of your face.

Once you know your skin type you can take special care to protect the sensitive areas of your face and only use the right products for your skin. Before you know it, your skin will be more radiant than ever!

Much Love,
Annmarie Gianni
“Teaching People About Beauty From the Inside Out”

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