Our Commitment

At Re.juve, our commitment to our values is based on the belief that everyone deserves a chance to live a sustainable and healthy life and thus our raison d’etre is to deliver high-quality F&B products that are delicious, healthy, and honest. We also extend our cares and commitment in protecting the environment and ensuring the well-being of our community.

Rejuve Brand Commitment
Rejuve Brand Commitment

We consciously use the term #LiveHappier” as we believe that in order to be happy, you need to be healthy first, and not just any kind of healthy life but a sustainable one. This is the crux of our business. We believe that there is little point eating healthy for a week before relapsing into what may be less healthy habits. In our view, the key contributor to a healthy life consists of 70% right nutrition and 30% of adequate physical exercise.

At Re.juve we want our consumers to live a healthy life and enjoy the process doing so. Why is that? Because, we believe that in order to have a healthy lifestyle that is sustainable, the food and drinks one consumes must taste delicious as well. As a result, from consuming Re.juve products you will not only live a healthier life, but also a happier one.

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Honesty & Transparency

In the food industry, it is not uncommon for companies to omit key nutritional matters which may be present in their products should they fall under regulated limits. To us, this does not provide a full picture to consumers, and is misleading.

Re.juve strives to be a brand with integrity. Honesty and transparency are the two core values we strongly believe in and remain consistently committed to.

At Re.juve, we believe that customers deserve to know exactly what they consume and therefore our commitment to always be honest and transparent in every ingredient we use and every claim we make. Customers can easily access such information by looking at our product label. When we use ingredients in addition to fresh fruits and organic vegetables (such as water, sea salt, organic coconut sugar, etc, they will always be listed on the label – we adhere to the ‘What You See is What You Get’ and #CleanLabel principle in every respect.


HACCP Certified True Cold-Pressed Production Facility with HPP Technology

The many advantages of cold-pressed juicing includes preserving the nutritional values that are naturally found in fruits and vegetables as well as the enzymes, vitamins and minerals. This is why we are committed to only use true cold-pressed technology for all (100%) of our juices.

Meanwhile, the High Pressure Processing Technology (HPP) we currently use enhances the quality and upgrades our finished products, making our juices safer to consume and help to extend its shelf life naturally. We always prioritize high-standard hygiene and freshness to the highest possible levels for all of our F&B products in the facility.


Re.juve Cares

Re.juve as a brand was born with a commitment to always do right by all our stakeholders. Aside from producing delicious, healthy, and honest products that are #GoodForYou, we also wanted to channel our efforts with launching initiatives that aim to preserve and care about the environment like #GoodForEarth.


As part of our consumer care, we work hard to make all of our products delicious, healthy and made from only fresh and pure ingredients. This means that we don’t add any water, sugar, artificial sweeteners, preservatives or any other ingredients in our juices (it’s always 100% pure), nor do we use any concentrate materials or pasteurized our juices. We believe in only Cold-Pressed Juices that are 100% Fresh, Pure, Raw, Natural and made from fresh fruits & organic vegetables.

And when we couldn’t create ‘pure’ beverages without additional ingredients for our non-juice products, we are still committed to only use ingredients that will enable us to produce delicious and healthy food & beverages. For example, for our almond milk we decided to use organic coconut sugar (even though it cost much higher than normal cane sugar) for the sole reason that it’s a ‘good’ natural sugar that is not only nutritious but is also low in glycemic index.


Environmental issues have always been Re.juve’s concern since our inception. We asked ourselves, if our aim is to provide something good for our customers then we must also do the same for our environment, whenever it’s possible and realistic.

To keep our juices optimal nutrients unharmed and safe to consume, starting from 2020 we use the best-quality recycled Polyethylene Terephthalate (rPET) bottles that are made from 100% food-grade recycled plastics Our bottles are also 100% recyclable, given our commitment to decrease plastic waste (#TowardsZeroWaste). We also use recyclable shopping bags and biodegradable straws to reduce plastic usage as much as possible in our stores.

We are passionate to bring more awareness on the environmental issues and for that we have created #GOODforEarth campaign where our customers can also save the environment in easier ways, such as by dropping their used PET bottles to be recycled at Re.juve’s stores.