Our Journey

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Rejuve Our Story
Rejuve Our Story

"We cater to those individuals who aspire to live a sustainable healthy lifestyle.".

Re.juve was founded in 2014 in Jakarta as a response to the lack of healthy, delicious and honest beverages in the market. Offering a myriad selection of F&B products with cold-pressed juices being our paragon, we cater to those individuals who aspire to live a sustainable healthy lifestyle.

Our Presence

What started as creating cold-pressed juices in front of customers at our flagship store in 2014 has grown extensively to over 70 stores and outlets across Indonesia. We can be found in Bandung, Surabaya and Bali.

2021 marks a special year for us, for Re.juve has finally gone international. We’ve brought our cold-pressed beverages to Singapore, and we’re so excited to be here.

The evolution of our production process

Throughout the years, we have continued to work with our customers’ feedback and our range of products have grown. We have launched over 45 variants of beverages, ranging from Cold-Pressed Juice, Cold-Pressed Coffee, Cold-Pressed Almond Milk, Cold-Pressed Indonesian Heritage, Cold-Pressed SHOTs, Cold-Pressed Elixirs, Smoothies and Infused Water. To date, Re.juve has already sold more than 6 million bottles of super nutritious products sourced from meticulously selected fresh fruits and vegetables straight from Mother Nature.

When we started, our belief was to be as transparent as we could be in our production. All beverages were made in stores, in front of our customers. However, this had its flaws. We had no way to ensure product quality was standardized, and we knew this could leave gaps with hygiene. We felt we could do better with our mission to produce honest and transparent beverages. In 2018, we realized our vision to take our commitment a step further; Re.juve opened its True Cold-Pressed Production Facility (CPF) integrated with High Pressure Technology (HPP). The facility became the first-of-its-kind in Indonesia as well as across ASEAN.

We are proud to announce that as at 2020, Re.juve True Cold-Pressed production facility has been fully HACCP certified.

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Easier to squeeze blood from a stone?

For our all products, we avoid heat pasteurization and unnecessary processing that diminishes the nutrients and active compounds in whole fruits and vegetables. Re.juve’s cold-pressed juices are carefully derived using True Cold-Pressed technology that relies on hydraulic press to extract all the nutrients from fruits and organic vegetables with no heat and no contact process. This helps to protect natural flavours and rich vitamins of the ingredients, as well as preserve the freshness and shelf life of our products. Furthermore, all Re.juve beverages are protected with High Pressure Technology to make it even safer to consume as well as extending its freshness, rawness and nutrition contents.

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Our Goals for the future

With the support and constant feedback from our dear customers, we plan to continue to expand our F&B selections with an aim to become a one-stop healthy destination for everyone. Do revisit our website to be aware of the latest offerings!

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