Our HAACP Certified True Cold Pressed & HPP Facility



Re.juve is committed to helping our customers live a happier life through providing to customers delicious, healthy and honest F&B selections that are 100% Fresh, 100% Pure and 100% Natural. We handcraft our juices and other beverages with integrity at our HACCP Certified True Cold-Pressed Production Facility with High Pressure Processing (HPP) Technology.
Our facility was the first-of-its-kind in ASEAN, and is maintained with a high-level of hygiene and sanitation.

How is Re.juve’s juicing process?

  • Selecting, Washing & Rinsing

Fresh Fruits, vegetables and spices are meticulously selected to ensure Re.juve uses only the best quality ingredients. We brush and wash our fresh ingredients thoroughly with chlorinated drinkable water to kill harmful bacteria, viruses and remove unwanted substances before rinsing them 3 (three) times with drinkable and purified Reverse Osmosis (RO) water

selecting washing and rinsing 2
selecting washing and rinsing 1
  • Cold-Pressing & HPP

Once we have gathered the ingredients, we then cold-press our juices, shots and almond milk using the best Cold-Pressed juicing equipment: hydraulic press & triturating cold-presses to extract all the possible goodness from high quality 100% fresh fruits, organic vegetables, spices, and almonds.

cold pressing

The ready-to-drink beverages are then bottled using recycled Polyethylene Terephthalate (r-PET) bottles made of 100% food-grade recycled plastics. The bottles are immediately sealed to maintain their freshness and hygiene before heading to the High-Pressure machine (HPP) for a no-heat and no-contact process with chilled water that ensures our products are even safer to consume while still preserving its vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, enzymes, and flavours. The end products are then stored inside a storage/chiller at 2-4°C.

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What is HPP Technology?

HPP Technology is a proven, best non-contact method that is used to increase the safety levels of fresh finished products by placing them inside the HPP chamber to undergo high-level cold water pressure (up to 6,000 bars) that will deactivate microorganisms (bacteria, virus, fungi and parasites) should they still be present in products.

The many competitive advantages of HPP technology include making our beverages safer to consume and also the extension of product shelf life naturally (without the use of any preservatives) while maintaining its freshness, raw nutrition and flavour.

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Ultra hygiene & high-standard in food safety

We always prioritize the highest levels for hygiene, safety, and freshness in our production facility:

  • The personal hygiene of all production crew is closely monitored, and we ensure they frequently sanitize their hands during production and handling of finished products. We use chlorinated drinkable water in the washing process to kill any bacteria, virus and ensure the removal any unwanted substances from the fresh ingredients. In addition, we also rinse our fresh ingredients with drinkable and purified Reverse Osmosis water
  • All equipment is rinsed before use with drinkable water, and we sanitize all production surfaces at the beginning of the production process. The production area maintains a temperature of 8°C to 12°C and 4-6 °C water temperature to prevent microorganisms and bacteria from growing. This ensures an ultra-hygienic environment. We thus maintain excellent food safety in our True Cold-Pressed Production Facility

We also have implemented Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) principles in our Cold-Pressed Production Facility in addition to being HACCP certified by SGS – an international accredited certification body. We are proud of our accreditation which guarantees that all production processes are met a high-standard of food safety.

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