Our Mission

Rejuve Our Mission
Rejuve Our Mission


Re.juve’s mission is to help our customers live a happier life (#LiveHappier) and a more sustainable healthy lifestyle through a curated selection of F&B products that are delicious, healthy and honest.

This is driven by our passion and ambition to curate a selection of F&B products that only utilize the finest fresh ingredients. The results are enjoyable and delicious, and provide health benefits that are 100% #GoodForYou.

Furthermore, we are committed to being a brand with integrity. By this, we value always being honest and transparent – every ingredient used in production of our products will be disclosed. This is also part of our mission that guarantees consumers that ‘What You See is What You Get’ in all our products

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Since opening our first outlet in 2014, we have now expanded to 71 stores and outlets across greater Jakarta, Bandung, Surabaya and Bali, where we offer over 45 different variants of beverages, such as: Cold-Pressed Juice, Cold-Pressed Coffee, Cold-Pressed Almond Milk, Cold-Pressed Indonesian Heritage, Cold-Pressed SHOTs, Cold-Pressed Elixirs, Smoothies and Infused Water.

Staying true to our commitment to provide delicious, healthy and honest products, we opened our True Cold-Pressed Production Facility in December 2018 (being the first in ASEAN) integrated with High Pressure Processing Technology (HPP) to deliver only 100% cold-pressed, fresh, pure and natural products.

In the beginning of 2020, our True Cold-Pressed Production Facility has also achieved a full HACCP and 100% Halal certifications. As part of Re.juve’s future vision, we are working very hard to ensure that our products are available to everyone keen to have a sustainable healthy lifestyle.

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Inspirations in our journey so far – endless experimentation, with the most refreshing flavors!

When Re.juve started, we begin by researching the ongoing trends in the local and global F&B scenes. We also wanted to try and merge it with local flavors found in the Indonesian market. For example, Re.juve’s Golden Line succeeded in combining the healthy benefits from fresh turmeric (we never use turmeric powders) with other balanced variants that soften its strong flavour and deliver a pleasant, organic taste that’s ideal as an everyday drink.

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Elsewhere, we also rely heavily on customer feedback because in the end we are here for them. For instance, we successfully launched our Juice Fast program after we received many enthusiastic feedbacks from our loyal customers who were keen to experience a sustainable juice detox program which also had well-balanced nutritional contents.

Sourcing – Prioritizing Local Farmers & Daily Operations

We highly prioritize sourcing our ingredients from local farmers and our plantations in South Sumatra. Our sourcing ratios of our raw ingredients are approximately 80% being locally sourced and 20% being imported. We still rely on few imported sources when (and only) the same quality (Grade A) and requirements (100% fresh fruits and organic vegetables) are not met regionally, but we always put our local farmers first and foremost!

From our signature Nanas HONI (Golden Pineapple) to Cavendish Banana used in smoothies, we regularly conduct lab tests to re-confirm that the produce is pesticide and wax-free. In addition, we regularly hold quality control and hygiene audits in-stores to ensure our products are stored and processed properly as we take pride in our first-class operational hygiene standards

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Education & Challenges

Our business ethos is partially guided by the fact that that have been instances where regulations enable companies to not provide full disclosure with the basis for their nutritional claims in their marketing gimmicks.

Others resort to artificial processes, such as adding concentrates, water, sugar and/or artificial sweeteners. We are passionate about educating our customers to make better decisions, especially when dealing with their sources of nutrition. For instance, our #CleanLabel campaign helps to shed light on why Re.juve always champions the ‘What You See is What You Get’ approach, as we truly believe customers deserve to know exactly what they consume.

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Our campaigns:

Sustainable Process

With our background as growers, our impact on the environment in our production has always been at the forefront of our minds. The HPP process necessitates the use of plastics as a medium for storing our beverages, as glass is plainly unsuited for the intense pressure (up to 6,000 bars) to ensure our products are extra-protected. As such, we have committed to the use of 100% food-grade recycled plastics, which are themselves 100% recyclable. This does increase the cost of our production, but we are committed, as we believe it is essential to play our part in reducing our impact on the environment.

Better Future

We want to keep passionately promote our #LiveHappier lifestyle to customers and community in Indonesia and abroad as we believe it will not only improve their own lives but also the people they love.

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