Our ProductsWide Range of Cold-Pressed Juices, Almond, & Smoothies

Rejuve Cold Pressed Classic Line

Cold-Pressed Juice Classic Line

Our all-time favorite classic line is packed with fresh fruits and organic vegetables. Experience a wide variety of flavors with cleansing and energizing properties which are popular for the beginner juicers.

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Rejuve Cold Pressed Signature Line

Cold-Pressed Juice Signature Line

For more seasoned juicers, up your juice game with our Signature Line, which has a great combination of fascinating flavors. Made from organic vegetables with alkaline properties and natural sweetness from the freshest fruits with more earthy notes and advanced flavors.

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Rejuve Smoothies


Nothing’s better than a nutritious yet delicious smoothie! The perfect meal replacement with up to 29g of proteins and 11g of fiber that guarantees you reach for seconds after just one sip. Who said breakfast only comes in a bowl? You can finally enjoy breakfast, lunch or dinner in a bottle!.

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Rejuve Cold Pressed SHOTs

Cold-Pressed SHOTs

You know it's true when they say that good things come in small sizes. Give us a SHOT! For a quick and easy dose of antioxidants, we won't disappoint. Pocket-sized spice bombs that boost immunity, the Cold-Pressed SHOTs are a pure source of natural energy that leaves you supercharged throughout the day.

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Rejuve Cold Pressed Elixirs

Cold-Pressed Elixirs

Containing extra amounts of minerals and electrolytes for replenishing the body after a day of exercise, our Cold-pressed Elixirs is as soothing as an afternoon thundershower. With other benefits like reducing the chances of high blood pressure and as an instant energy boost, enjoy the fruity notes in each drink from our Cold-Pressed Elixir line

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Rejuve Cold Pressed Almond Milk 3

Cold-Pressed Almond Milk

Almond Milk contains vitamin E and other beneficial minerals that keep your heart healthy, maintain that glow in your skin, and keep your digestion in check. Indulge in our dairy-free, gluten-free and lactose-free Cold-Pressed Almond Milk made from the finest raw almonds. Taste the difference in every bottle

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Rejuve Cold Pressed Celery Line

Cold-Pressed Celery Line

Celery-brate a good and healthy life with our Celery juice line!

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