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Cold-Pressed Classic & Signature Juices

Bask in the variety of our all-time favorites, which are made by combining organic vegetables & fresh fruits!

Almond Milk, Smoothies & Coffee

Delicious and creamy meal in a bottle!
  • "Not all cold pressed juices are created equal!! I’m loving Re.juve's Asian Green cold pressed juice🥤Had it for breakfast and even though it’s healthy with no added sugar, it was super tasty thanks to balance in flavours of the ingredients, such as the natural sweetness of the fresh pineapple and other vegetables!"
    - Shuan Tupaz -
    Radio personality, Spin instructor

  • "I personally love Tropic Chia because I love chia seeds which are known for high antioxidants! Instead of chewing my bubble tea pearls, I can chew on chia seeds without feeling any guilt!"
    - Vernette See Toh -
    Founder, The Nail Lab