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Almond Bundle

Almond Bundle

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Introducing our Almond Bundle!

A collection of three exquisite beverages designed to elevate your daily routine. Enjoy the creamy indulgence of Almond Milk, with real almonds, organic coconut sugar, and a hint of sea salt. Experience the bold flavors of Cafe Almond Latte, made with cold-brew, cold-pressed Sumatran Beans for a caffeine kick. Our Chocolate High Almond Smoothie, packed with fiber, protein, and good carbohydrates, is perfect for busy professionals and fitness enthusiasts. Elevate your day with the goodness of real almond milk and the convenience of our Almond Bundle.

PSST! Purchase our Almond Bundle and receive a limited edition Almond Tote bag and Cooler bag! Hurry, while stocks last during this promotion. 🌟

6 x 250ml bottles/ day

Storage Conditions

- Keep refrigerated at 2-4°C

- Avoid direct sunlight

- Separation is natural! Shake well before drinking.

Please consume as soon as possible once opened.

Starter Bundle Guide

Our Starter Bundle is suitable for those who are new to juicing and want to incorporate juices into their meals.

You can start off with a cold-pressed shot in the morning, followed by a bottle of cold-pressed juice of your choice with your favourite breakfast. 2-3 hours later, you can have another bottle during lunch, followed by another shot or juice during your tea break. The goal is to finish the juices within the day.

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